Thirteen - Instagram Choose Your Own Ending

To celebrate the release of Thirteen a compulsive, nail biting thriller we have an exciting Instagram game, chances to win an iPad Mini AND an exclusive discount code for copies of the book

How I Got My Job: Lusea from Tatty Devine

The first post in a brand new series here on MKB, find out how some of our favourite creative media sorts got their job. Lusea from Tatty Devine talks to us about her role there.

Rainbow Rowell in the UK: tour report

Last week, Rainbow Rowell touched down on UK soil to embark on a week of events with her UK fans. MKB were there for the whole exciting adventure and we’re itching to tell you ALL ABOUT IT.

​MKB @ Latitude Festival

​#TheRainIsComing - (at least I cross my fingers and hope that it comes for at least a little bit). MKB publicist Bea takes on her biggest challenge yet - making it rain at Latitude Festival.

The Rain fashion - guide to the high street

​The Rain is coming... so quick, grab a pac-a-mac! Although our top rain-ready fashion picks won't save you from Ruby's killer rain, it will make you look pretty awesome.

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